CALL: "Spring of Resistance" [March - May 2011]

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March - May 2011

"Emancipation for All"

Free and emancipatory education does not only benefit students in schools and universities, but also society at large. We, groups and activists around the world on the ISM platform, say "Our Fight is Your Fight just like Your Fight is Our Fight" and call upon labour and the community at large to join in the fight students, teachers and parents are engaged in.

Massive protests were organized in various parts of the world including Austria, Bangladesh, Chile, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, not to mention South Africa, the UK, Ukraine and the U.S.A. in the past few months alone (see e.g. "Global Wave of Action for Education"). The demonstrations were not only against austerity measures that effect accessibility to education, but also to fight the increasing privatization of education, growing pressure to succeed, and a rising wave of questioning of the fundamental structures and functions of education systems.

To further the pressure locally and globally, groups, associations and individuals on the International Student Movement platform, who endorse the "International Joint Statement" came together to initiate the "Spring of Resistance" (SoR) from March to May 2011. That period will include a "Global Week of Action" (March 21-26th) as well as a "Global Day of Action" (May 2nd).

The framework of the SoR basically consists of the following three elements:

Individual groups and associations will organize their own actions during this period while the ISM provides the platform and the infrastructure to coordinate the mobilization across and between the regions. The timeframe of the “Spring of Resistance” marks an opportunity to strengthen the network between groups and activists and unite worldwide for free emancipatory education for all. Various social movements can be joined by the timing as well as by the framework of the “Spring of Resistance”.

In addition to sit-ins and demonstrations, events such as workshops and street theatre are planned by some to mark the resistance against the currently dominating education systems around the world. We want education for emancipation - not for profits!

When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.


ISM Global: (to announce actions to be listed as part of the SoR and send in reports)
ISM - North America:


The following protests and events as part of the "Spring of Resistance" have been confirmed so far:


  • South Africa (March 4th): Marches for Free Education organised by SASCO (South African Students Congress) in one city of all 9 provinces. For example for the Eastern Cape province a march will take place in the city of East London. => fb event page -> REPORT


  • Manila, Philippines (March 4th): Students from different colleges and universities in Metro Manila will march to the Commission on Higher Education to protest against tuition and other fees increase. (sent in by the League of Filipino Students - University of Manila) -> REPORT
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh (March 22-24th): The 34th National Conference of the Bangladesh Students' Union (BSU) taking place at Dhaka University. The main focus will be the struggle against the increasing commercialisation of education. -> REPORT

  • Hong Kong (May 1st): The Hong Kong Federation of Students will march together with labour unions for the Labour Day. -> REPORT
  • East Java, Indonesia (May 2nd): The Poor People's Alliance in the districts of Banyuwangi, East Java, will have a demonstration against the privatization and commercialization of education. The action will be concentrated at the port of crossing in Java Bali. Details tba.

Central America:

  • Puerto Rico (March 11th): Networks of sympathizers with the ongoing student strike at the University of Puerto Rico announced that thy will stage simultaneous demonstrations in solidarity with the UPR in cities around the world, and invite all supporters to join them, coordinating their own activities in their respective towns. more details: and => fb event page (spanish and english) -> REPORT


  • Poland (March): Activists struggling against the increasing commercialisation of education are meeting at student houses (March 9th and 16th) to get organised. On March 19th Demokratyczne Zrzeszenie Studenckie and the Doctorates Board Council of the Polish Academy and Sciences will hold conference on alternative democratic reforms within institutions of higher education ("the New University").
    Two days later (March 21st) activists are calling for demonstrations in various cities across the country in protest of recent reforms pushing the privatisatation of education. =>
  • Russia (March 20th): Linked to the "Spring of Resistance" students together with professors and workers of the educational sphere will take to the streets at least in Moscow and St. Petersburg to protest the increasing bureaucracy and commercialisation of education (universities, schools, pre-school education). Currently class hours for foreign languages as well as the humanities are reduced. Activists are also rejecting the nationalist propaganda in apparently scientific courses. => + -> REPORT

  • the Netherlands (March 21-26th): A network called "Onderwijs is een recht" (= Education is a Right) announces a week of action at various locations within the Netherlands. It kicks off on March 21st and culminates during a rally on March 25th in the Hague. => + -> REPORT
  • Gdansk, Poland (March 23rd): Activists are organizing a meeting at the University of Gdansk to present the International Student Movement, Knowledge Liberation Front and "Spring of Resistance". Furthermore university movements in gerneral will be explored. => -> REPORT
  • France (March 25th): Students across the country will ring a buzzer during lectures at 2pm. This will be a call to Wake Up! A call for a different education (not commercialized, but free and emancipatory) to arise. A call for people to rise up! The actions will be recorded and all are asked to publish their footages on two facebook walls: Le 25 mars 2011: faites sonner vos réveil (group) + Les Pas de Noms (profile). =>

  • Vienna, Austria (March 26th): Demonstration against fees and cuts organised by UniBrennt activists -> REPORT
  • Kiev, Ukraine (March 26th): Student march organized by Direct Action. Students will march through the city in solidarity with the "Spring of Resistance" and in protest against neo-liberal reforms within the Ukrainian education system, which intensify corruption and the commercialization process within universities. -> REPORT
  • Den Haag, the Netherlands (April 12th): National demonstration against cuts:
  • Kiev, Ukraine (May 1st): May Day rally with labour unions -> REPORT
  • Magdeburg, Germany (May 13th): Activists in Magdeburg (Germany) are calling for a flashmob + short speeches:

North America:

  • Montreal (Quebec), Canada (March 12th): Students from across Quebec will join in solidarity with comrades from labour, health, anti-poverty, and First Nations movements to denounce Premier Jean Charest's neo-liberal budget which proposes substabtial hikes in user and tuition fees which will erode years of work to ensure the education and health systems remain accessible to all. => + fb event page (english - french); contact: -> REPORT
  • Jersey City, U.S.A. (March 25th): Anakbayan New York/ New New Jersey is calling on everyone in New Jersey to join them for a freeze mobilization right at Journal Square to protest the budget cuts. The idea is for everyone to freeze at exactly 3:30pm for 5mins to symbolize the devastating effect of budget cuts. A rally will ensue after the freeze mobilization. => + fb event page -> REPORT

  • U.S.A. (March 31st): National Day of Students Walk-out and Strikes to Defend Public Education => fb event page
  • Monterey Bay, U.S.A. (April 13th): Rally at California State University Monterey Bay as part of a statewide day of action against the privatisation of education and for free emancipatory education for all. => fb event page
  • Chicago, U.S.A. (April 15th): Student Occupation at the City Colleges of Chicago District Office and March down to City Hall => fb event page (contact:



Make sure to announce your actions by sending an e-mail to, so people worldwide will be informed.