Coordination: Spring of Resistance

Coordination for the SoR

March - May 2011

This is the latest information at this stage:


During previous global chat meetings people in various regions of the world agreed to call for the "Spring of Resistance" (SoR) for March - May 2011 and coordinate protests against fees and cuts and for free emancipatory education on an international level during that time frame. This longer time frame will give more groups enough flexibilty to decide when to call for an action locally and still be able to link it to the struggle on the global level.
Generally each group arranges its own actions/protests and can use the framework (see below) to connect these with the SoR. To ensure that people worldwide know about what is happening communication on the global level is the key. Of course international video conferences, clips expressing support for people worldwide involved in the SoR and internationally coordinated actions are always an option as well. But these need to be initiated by groups autonomously.

Following a poll and doodle activists from around the world agreed during a chat meeting on January 30th to call for a Global Week of Action (March 21-26) and Global Day of Action (May 2) as part of the SoR. Those will be an additional opportunity to unite in protest for free education globally in a powerful way.

The Call for the SoR emphasises the link between the struggle of workers and the education struggle: "Our Fight is Your Fight just like Your Fight is Our Fight".

An international meeting in your region during the first quarter of 2011 can help to coordinate the SoR and to connect across borders.

Communication: During a previous chat meeting participants agreed to use #globalEdu as a hashtag to mark messages on twitter in connection with the SoR. They will then automatically appear on the ISM website. Furthermore a facebook group was set up to regularly inform people on the latest developments in connection with the SoR, especially those who don't want to subscribe to the ISM mailing list.


The SoR will be organised similarily as the "Global Wave of Action for Education".

During previous global chat meetings participants agreed that the following three elements should make up the framewok of the SoR:


  • communication infrastructure (ideas and suggestions are most welcome)
  • ideas for coordinated actions, especially during the "Global Day/Week of Action"

Everybody identifying with the struggle for free emancipatory education is invited to participate and get involved in the coordinations and discussions. The next Global Chat Meeting is scheduled for March 13th.

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