Aug.18th: Thousands protest in Chile - 66 students detained

Chile: Students protest privatisation and are attacked by riot-police

More than 3000 students took to the streets of Santiago to protest the increasing privatisation of public education. They marched towards the Ministry of Education. Riot police tried to stop them with water canons and tear gas - 66 protesters were detained.

A similar protest took place in Valparaiso, another city in Chile.

On August 02nd hundreds of pupils already occupied schools in protest for free public education - 101 activists were detained by riot-police. [report:]

Will anybody inform groups and activists in Chile about the "Global Wave of Action for Education" (Oct./Nov.2010)?




Well, free doesn't always mean free. Here in America we have free public education but it is not really free. Taxpayers foot the bill. I hope for that country's sake the riots stop and the government discerns the will of the people.





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