Materials for the "Global Week of Action"

Flyers with text...

...can be downloaded in the following languages:

English - Italiano - Polski - Deutsch - Español (arg.) - Français (~2.5mb) - طالب بتعليمك

Feel free to edit the text in any way you feel appropriate.

Any further translations (e.g. French or Greek) are most welcome.


The following design suggestions are available so far. Feel free to make use of any of these.

Logo design:



Picture designs for flyers:


Poster designs:

with logos of some supporters:

The poster design can also be downloaded in:


All poster designs can also be downloaded without the logos:

All poster designs without logos are also available in:


Banner designs:



hi i have trouble with the posters, i cannot see them, i have a X instead of the picture and its not showing anything, could some please upload them in the same way as the logo, flyer and banner...

I hope...

... the picture previews of the poster can be displayed now.

If anybody has any problems downloading the posters, flyers or any other material, then just leave a comment (with your email address) here or drop me a line directly ([at] and I will email you the necessary designs.

Latest version of Posters!! + Button designs

The poster design can now also be downloaded with "Global Week of Action" translated into 8 languages (French, Spanish, German, Greek, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese and Italian).


Button designs:

We, in Marburg (Germany), will also do some buttons. Here are the designs. Feel free to use the designs and make some of your own or contact me and we might be able to send you some.

Button 1

Button 2

Button 3
(this one you would definately have to do yourself!)


Just leave a comment below or drop me a line ([at], if you have problems downloading any of these files. I would then send you the original.