Idea behind the "Global Wave of Action for Education"

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"Global Wave of Action for Education"

[October – November 2010]

*** UPDATE: REPORTS linked to the "GLOBAL WAVE" ***

During a global chat meeting [March 7th] on the „International Student Movement“, which was attended by activists in Sierra Leone, the U.S. of A., Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, France, the Netherlands, the Philippines and Kosovo, the participants decided to call for a „Global Wave of Action for Education“.
The „Global Wave“ kicked off with a "Day of Action to Defend Education" with about 75 protest actions in 25 states across the U.S.A. on October 7th. Only one day later almost 300,000 pupils and students flooded the streets in 80 cities across Italy in protest against new reforms resulting in budget cuts and the increasing privatisation of education. The "Global Wave" also saw massive protests in the Ukraine (Oct.12th), Austria (Oct.19th), Indonesia (Oct.20th) and Ireland (Nov.3rd) so far. A complete overview of reports is available here.
It is vital that information on all sorts of education protests linked to the "Global Wave" are being shared in English. The flow of information will inspire education activists and groups worldwide to take action as well.

Currently it looks like globally co-ordinated protests reach their peak during the week of the „International Students' Day“ [Nov.17th], which is Nov.15-21st. (worldwide coordinations for November 17th 2010)
Among others groups in Liberia, the Philippines, Italy, Indonesia, Germany, Rep. of Macedonia and the U.S.A. already confirmed, that they will join protests as part of the "Global Wave" during that week.

June 16th already saw the "Day of United Symbolic Actions". On that day groups publicly announced the "Global Wave of Action for Education" to be coming up this autumn and a draft for a "worldwide press release" was published. Reports that came in are online here + video.

The "Global Wave" is a great opportunity to create a stronger global network and show that we stand united in our struggle for free and emancipatory education, which is accessible to all. It has the potential to inspire and unite people worldwide, as well as help to spread awareness by showing that our struggle is of global nature. The long timeframe gives more groups the opportunity to join and be part of this protest.

The following three elements create the framework of the "Global Wave":

  • communication and co-ordination: make use of the ISM infrastructure to communicate globally (e.g. mailing list, forums, calendar, global chat meetings, #globalEdu on twitter) to announce and coordinate actions in advance as well as report about them (if possible with picture and video material) afterwards! All are invited to shape the platform "International Student Movement" and participate as well as initiate discussions related to the "Global Wave" and/or the ISM. Only this process will help us to unite in the long run.

Generally it is up to each local/regional group/network/alliance how and when they express their protests and arrange actions, but all are asked to get involved in the coordination efforts and help to spread the word - be it during meetings on the local, regional or international level and by contacting activists and groups anywhere in this world.

VIDEO: 1st NewsVideo of the "Global Wave"


A group on facebook was set up to share information related to the "Global Wave".

Questions, comments or suggestions?

General contact: (in English or German)

Regional contacts:

  • UK: Jonny [a founding member of the "Newcastle Free Education Network" and involved in the "Education Activist Network"]:
  • New York City (U.S.A.): Carina and Maggie: (Carina) / (Maggie)
  • South East Asia: Ika [involved with Pembebasan in Indonesia]:
    and Anton [involved with Anakbayan on the Philippines]:

see you there!

heck yes. please join us at the US Social Forum for details.

UPDATE: No more June 9th!

Since some groups expressed an interest to participate in globally co-ordinated symbolic actions in June, but June 9th didn't suit many - we [in Marburg (Germany)] suggest to use the momentum after June 9th and agree on a day of united symbolic actions during the week after.

The exact date will be discussed during the next international chat meeting on April 4th.

Discuss this within your local groups and give your feedback during the chat or post suggestions for exact dates here.

"Day of United Symbolic Actions" to be June 16th

During the chat meeting on April 4th activists agreed to declare June 16th to be the "Day of United Symbolic Actions".

More Press Releases?

In regards to the press releases you are mentioning a "united press release" - is it ok for individual students to create their own press releases and then upload them to different directories. Im thinking the more exposure the merrier? My students are keen to have this as a school project which i'm open for, let me know if its possible?


Adriel -
English Litterature Teacher and Co-Publisher of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

education for emancipation - not to get rich

Hello Adriel,

sure, all you find on this page are suggestions. Feel free to take part in any of this in any way you like. All groups identifying with the struggle against the increasing privatisation of public education and for free and emancipatory education for all are welcome to participate.

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This movement really is taking on a life of its own and there is a lot that is happening with this idea. You are doing a great job of keeping us in the loop on the current happenings.

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Congrats for the

Congrats for the international reach of your actions. If you need further support in Germany, you can use our free press service for publishing press realeases (German language only). ->

Best of luck for the future