Update on the situation in Slovenia

An Update on the Situation in Slovenia

The following two messages were sent to the global ISM mailing list by fellow activists involved in the student organisation ISKRA at Ljubljana University.


Slovenia is a little out of ism, because we are caught in local struggle. We are organizing protest on Wednesday 16th of April so we are occupied. Ministry for science, education and sport came out with new bill of higher education in October 2013. There were general assemblies on many faculties regarding the law. Students and the faculty staff, including professors, have discussed the tuition fees, commercialization and privatization that the bill brings and participants agreed on holding a protest if the law proceeds to parliament.

In February ministry came out with a new ("corrected") version of law that supposedly took in the account the critics that were pointed out during the public debate. It was clear that the law has the same previous' key points and that immediate action had to take place.

So for one month student group ISKRA was campaigning and organizing students intensively. We were informing students about the law and making connections with unions and other "political" parties (such as anarchist's, socialists, protest movements...). We worked with on zero budget and past the established student's structures. Our main student's organization consists of main political parties offspring and more or less support the law.

After the protests on April 16th this short report (incl. pictures) was sent:

Hi, some notes from the protest and some pictures.
There were between 1000 and 2000 participants on the protest which is a rather small number if we take into account that there is 50 000 students studying on university of Ljubljana. That is manly due to political apathy of students who are caught in personal struggles and doesn't see themselves as part of society. The protest was peaceful, but it is also good to notice that everybody who came have formed their own and strong opinion about the bill.
So our work continues on further politicization of student body and fight against the ministry which responses to protest was not serious. Some representatives mocked us and minister said that he is offended for being called a liar (who he is).


To contact ISKRA you can email iskra-internacionala@googlegroups.com.