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The International Student Movement (ISM) is an independent communication platform for groups and activists around the world to exchange information, network and coordinate activities in our struggle against the increasing commercialisation of education and for free emancipatory education for all!

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Update on the situation in Slovenia

An Update on the Situation in Slovenia

The following two messages were sent to the global ISM mailing list by fellow activists involved in the student organisation ISKRA at Ljubljana University.


Slovenia is a little out of ism, because we are caught in local struggle. We are organizing protest on Wednesday 16th of April so we are occupied. Ministry for science, education and sport came out with new bill of higher education in October 2013. There were general assemblies on many faculties regarding the law. Students and the faculty staff, including professors, have discussed the tuition fees, commercialization and privatization that the bill brings and participants agreed on holding a protest if the law proceeds to parliament.

In February ministry came out with a new ("corrected") version of law that supposedly took in the account the critics that were pointed out during the public debate. It was clear that the law has the same previous' key points and that immediate action had to take place.

So for one month student group ISKRA was campaigning and organizing students intensively. We were informing students about the law and making connections with unions and other "political" parties (such as anarchist's, socialists, protest movements...). We worked with on zero budget and past the established student's structures. Our main student's organization consists of main political parties offspring and more or less support the law.

After the protests on April 16th this short report (incl. pictures) was sent:

Hi, some notes from the protest and some pictures.
There were between 1000 and 2000 participants on the protest which is a rather small number if we take into account that there is 50 000 students studying on university of Ljubljana. That is manly due to political apathy of students who are caught in personal struggles and doesn't see themselves as part of society. The protest was peaceful, but it is also good to notice that everybody who came have formed their own and strong opinion about the bill.
So our work continues on further politicization of student body and fight against the ministry which responses to protest was not serious. Some representatives mocked us and minister said that he is offended for being called a liar (who he is).


To contact ISKRA you can email

Reclaim Education #13 - an ISM newsletter

Reclaim Education - April 2014
an ISM newsletter

Reclaim Education is a newsletter done by some individuals on the ISM platform. It consists of two A4 pages and can therefore be conveniently printed onto one sheet of paper. Download the .pdf here (~ 3.1mb).

In case you are interested to work on future issues of Reclaim Education, then subscribe to this mailing list.

This edition focuses on recent anti-racism protests in Amsterdam, Delhi as well as Tokyo and also on the upcoming RECLAIM EDUCATION - A Global Week of Action (1-8 May 2014).

Reclaim Education #13 by International Student Movement

Rajshahi: Struggle against Tuition Fees - 100 students injured - Uni shut down!

January - February 2014, Rajshahi University:
Struggle against Tuition Fees - Uni shut down!

Since January 16th, 2014 students at Rajshahi University (RU) have been struggling against an increase in tuition fees as well as the introduction of commercial evening courses. Rajshahi is a city with a population of around 700,000 in the north-west of Bangladesh. To resist the increase in fees as well as the evening classes students have been on strike since January 30th. On Sunday, February 2nd, thousands of students were attacked by police as well as members of the Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) - the student wing of the ruling Awami League - while rallying on campus once again. More than 100 students and eight journalists were injured. Following those latest developments the university was shut down for an indefinite period and students had to leave their dorms for the time being.

For more details check out the reports of each day below.
[This page might be updated to inform about any latest developments in the coming days. In case you have updates to share on the situation at RU, then send drop a line at the global ISM mailing list [] and it will be added to this page.

February 3rd (Mon)

About 6,000 students of RU had to leave their dormitories on Monday morning after the authorities closed down the university indefinitely. Six cases have been filed accusing some 475 people, 105 of them named, a day after agitating students were attacked on campus.

Many were seen standing helplessly at the Rajshahi bus terminal and railway station. The announcement for closure was made several hours after police and BCL members attacked protesting students. Rony, a student of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, said they were informed of the syndicate's decision [the highest governing body of the university] around 9pm on Sunday. "Most of us do not have any money at the beginning of the month and it was not possible to secure [bus or train] tickets at night," he said.

Coordinator of the protesters, Ayatullah, said the students were leaving the campus in great anger. Many shouted slogans. "We'll resume our protest against attacks on the students and to demand cancellation of the evening classes from the day the university reopens," he told

The university administration, police and BCL filed six cases with the Motihar Police Station on charges of attacking a procession, creating unrest on the campus, exploding bombs and obstructing the police.

Police on Sunday detained Sajib Ahmed, a fourth year student of the Department of Finance and Banking, on charges of vandalism. The Proctor said two cars belonging to teachers, some of their residences and several academic buildings had been ransacked on Sunday.

Ayatullah, President of the university Chhatra Union unit and coordinator of the student's movement, feared that they might be implicated in the cases. He told “We are demonstrating for the general students. A student organisation has attacked us and now we are being sued again. This is the paradox of the university’s ones-sided policy.”

BCL university unit's Organising Secretaries Shamsuzzaman Emon, Al-Galib and Foysal Ahmed Runu, Joint General Secretaries Mahbubur Rahman Palash and Nasim Ahmed Setu, Environment Affairs Secretary Mustakin Billah and another leader, Sudipta Salam, were seen wielding firearms on the campus during the attacks on the students.

No members of the pro-government BCL were arrested over the past one and a half years despite being often seen openly brandishing firearms and other weapons on the Rajshahi University campus.

sources: [II, III, IV, V] ~ [II] ~

Reclaim Education #12 - an ISM newsletter

Reclaim Education - January 2014
an ISM newsletter

Reclaim Education is a newsletter done by some individuals on the ISM platform. It consists of two A4 pages and can therefore be conveniently printed onto one sheet of paper. Download the .pdf here (~ 1.9mb).

In case you are interested to work on future issues of Reclaim Education, then subscribe to this mailing list.

This edition focuses on recent protests in the UK as well as Germany, where the struggle of refugees intensifies. More pictures + a video on the school strike are also available here.

Reclaim Education #12 by International Student Movement

Hamburg, Dec.12: School Strike in Solidarity with Refugees

Dec.12th, Hamburg:
School Strike in Solidarity with Refugees

In response to this call to action between 3,500 and 5,000 pupils and supporters gathered in the streets of Hamburg today. Unsurprisingly the demo was not supported by the school board. School authorities even attempted to intimidate pupils by threatening to register all who are missing classes and that everyone who attends the protest needs to present a letter of apology from the parents. On the other hand the education union (GEW) supports the pupils saying that it is a practical lesson in political education.

Many banners and posters with different slogans were displayed (see pictures below) and slogans such as "no border - no nation - stop deportation!" heard.

In the same context also more than 400 pupils and students rallied in Frankfurt/M on the same day in the afternoon. The rally was also supported by the general students' committee of the Goethe University of Frankfurt/M.

sources: (call to action in english) - - - -
Refugee Schulstrek Hamburg (organisers' fb page)

the speech bubble says: deportation means torture - deportation means murder

Erich-Kästner school against racism

No one is illegal!

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