Collection of Recordings at the Transnational Student Congress (2013)

Better late than never. Here are the recordings of most of the workshops that took place as part of the Transnational Student Congress (Oct.28 - Nov.3, 2013). We hope that you find at least some of the content interesting and useful. Unfortunately the audio quality is not always as good as it should be. In case you are interested to connect with fellow education activists on the global level, then consider to subscribe to the global mailing list of the International Student Movement (ISM) platform.

History of the student struggle in Québec

International Student Movement (ISM) / Global Wave of Action for Free Education

Introduction to the structures of student self-administration at the University of Marburg

Iskra: A socialist reform of the 50,000-member student orgnisation of the University of Ljubljana

Input on university occupations in Romania

The struggle against sexual harassment in Egypt

Recent developments and struggles within the educational system in Germany

35 years of struggle for free education of Inter-University Students’ Federation (IUSF) in Sri Lanka

The Subversion of Politics and the Millennial Precariat

Poverty and Violence

Global Struggle for Free Education and its essential Alliance with the Revolutionary Movement

The institute of applied disenchantment of politics – our founding history

Strike at Misr International University (MIU) in Cairo (2013)

Grassroots activism and anticapitalist activities during the general strike of 2012 in Québec