"United Symbol" for the "Global Wave of Action for Education"

The „United Symbol“


The "united symbol" is one of the three main elements of the "Global Wave of Action for Education" in Oct./Nov. 2010. The idea is that all groups and activists have can display something to express their support for the "joint statement" and show that they understand their action as part of the "global wave", which is recognized by others worldwide.  This can help to break down all communication barriers between education protesters worldwide, if used on banners, t-shirts, leaflets or anything like that.

Which symbol to use?

At the end of March 2010 a call was published on this website asking for design suggestions to be sent in. On August 1st a poll was set up, which was open for one week, to determine which symbol most groups are most likely to use. This can give everyone some orientation.

According to the poll the following suggestion for a "united symbol" seems to be most popular:

The fewer pictures are used as "united symbols" the more likely it will be that groups around the world will recognize them. For those who really don't like the above suggestion might want to consider using the following options, which were also sent in as suggestions:









The following "symbols" were also suggested after the poll was published:



Where are they? And which license?