International "live video conference" (Nov.5th)

The idea:

  • Groups planning assemblies or protest actions on Nov5th, the "United Warm-up Day of Action" [for the Global Week of Action, that kicks off Nov.9th], set-up a webcam and make sure they have an internet connection!
  • If possible groups set-up a bigger screen, so that everyone at the assembly/protest can follow the "conference".
  • One group calls the other! They update each other on what is happening locally and share the similarities in their struggle against the commercialization/privatization/corporatization of public education. Present what each group is planning for the Global Week of Action. Delivering greetings of support. [Stuff like that.]
    One conversation per group can last maybe 10mins.
  • Feel free to record the conversations and put them online for all to see afterwards!

Please discuss this in "your" local groups!!

And leave a message inside the forum or drop me [[at]] a line, if you want to join this "conference" and/or are looking for groups to do this together with.

Marburg (Germany)

We will call for a general (info) assembly on Nov.5th and want to include a participation in an international "video-conference".

Any groups willing to do this together?

Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa would like to join in this vido-conference, on November 5th

The only time we will have Internet connection will be 10:45-11:15 EST

* The idea has yet to be pitched to the team. Logistics might be complicated and we might end up wanting a Toronto-Ottawa video instead of a international one

- Julie

Halle [Saale] (Germany)

Just received this message:
"Hey Mo,
we just wanted to tell you, that we guys in halle (Saale) are interested in a Video conference as well.
We planned an assembly at six as well,


Occupied University of Salzburg (Austria)

Hey Mo, We´re interested in a Video conference as well! The university is still occupied in Salzburg. A conference would be possible at six Pm. Greetings from the occupied University of Salzburg, Group International connection

we're interested as well.

we're interested as well.


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