Common Slogans for the SoR

SoR: Common Slogans

During previous Global Chat Meetings participants from around the world agreed on the following elements as part of a framework for the "Spring of Resistance":

And that's what this entry is about, to collect suggestions for common slogans to be used around the world during actions in connection with the SoR.

During previous chat meeting the following two suggestions were quite popular:

  • One World - One Struggle
  • Free Emancipatory Education for All

The slogans can be displayed on banners, t-shirts, leaflets or anything else. All are invited to share their suggestions for common slogans to be used as part of the SoR framework here. Just leave a comment below after signing up to the forum.

Suggestion: "We are everywhere. We are everyone."

I liked the line from a newsletter: "We are everywhere."
How about a slogan:
We are everywhere.
We are everyone.
I like the mystic undertone and know about the problematic, that it's hinting at a political movement not bound to education, so paranoid people could interpretate it as a vehicle for some totalitarian movement.
But wth, education IS political and this topic is affecting everyone. We are not students who try to protect privileges. The idea of the protests is nothing less than the future of every man and every woman.
"We are everyone" would emphasize that this multitude of movements wants to transform the world to a better world for every single individual without any exception. Thus everybody is already part of it, and the protests - or education in general - are just a way to share this information.
PS: In a year the third line will be: "All our bases are belong to us" ;)