Chat meeting: Building a new website for the ISM platform

Chat Meeting:
Building a new ISM website

This will be another chat meeting dedicated to the creation of a new website for the International Student Movement (ISM) platform. As agreed during previous chat meetings joomla is being used for the new website. All notes of the previous chats are also available inside this pad.

Every participant is asked to think of features and functions to be included on the new website.

The website is a vital part of the ISM infrastructure. It would be really helpful, if many people (especially those familiar with joomla) join this chat, so we can get the new website up and running as soon as possible.

In case you can't make it to the chat meeting but have an suggestions or comments related to the new ISM website, then you can make use of this pad: !

All identifying with the struggle are invited to participate in the chat on March 29, 2015 (Sunday) at 4pm UTC!

event page on facebook

It is very easy to participate. No microphone or seperate software is needed. The chatroom can simply be opened in your web browser. Scroll down for details.


::: How to join the Chat Meeting :::

29 March (Sunday) -- noon EDT, 4pm UTC, 6pm CEST, 9:30pm IST
(to check what time 4pm UTC is for you:

=> NO webcam or microphone needed - just enter the CAPTCHA!

The chat will be at these times for the specific regions:

Argentina: 1pm
Australia (New South Wales): 3am (30 March)
Bangladesh: 10pm
Brazil (Rio De Janeiro): 1pm
Bulgaria: 7pm

Cameroon: 5pm
Central European Summer Time (e.g. Italy, France, Germany, Croatia): 6pm
Chile: 1pm
Colombia: 11am
Costa Rica: 10am
EDT (e.g. Florida, Haiti, New York, North Carolina, Québec): noon
Puerto Rico: noon
Egypt: 6pm
Ghana: 4pm
Greece: 7pm
Guatemala: 10am
India: 9:30pm
Indonesia (Western/Jakarta): 11pm
Israel: 7pm
Jamaica: 11am
Japan and South Korea: 1am (30 March)
Lebanon: 7pm

Liberia: 4pm
Malaysia: 11:59pm
Mauritius: 8pm
Mexico (Mexico State): 10am
Morocco: 5pm
Nepal: 9:45pm
New Zealand: 5am (30 March)
Nigeria: 5pm
Pakistan: 9pm

Palestinian Territories: 7pm
Philippines: 11:59pm
Portugal: 5pm
Romania: 7pm
Russia (Moscow): 7pm
Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo: 4pm
South Africa: 6pm
Sri Lanka: 9:30pm
Taiwan: 11:59pm
Thailand: 11pm
Turkey: 7pm

Uganda: 7pm

UK: 5pm
Ukraine: 7pm
Uruguay: 1pm
USA (California): 9am
USA (Colorado): 10am
Vietnam: 11pm