Global Week of Action 2009!!

"Reclaim your Education - Global Week of Action 2009"


The week of action ended and here is an attempt to list all reports of actions and events during the week.


The (official) Call is available in the following languages so far:

English (2 versions) - Español - Italiano - Polski - Deutsch (2 versions) - Français - 日本語 - Português - Türkçe - طالب بتعليمك

Any additional translations are most welcome!!


The loose network of struggling groups from around the world calling itself "International Students Movement" decided to call for a "Global Week of Action 2009" in April (20/04 - 29/04).

We are still in the process of uniting various groups and movements around the world struggling against the commercialization of education and for Free and Emancipating public Education accessible to all.

The "International Day of Action against the Commercialization of Education" on Nov.5th was an important step forward. In the end groups in more than 20 countries on 5 continents arranged protests and events for that single day. A pamphlet giving an overview of all the actions can be downloaded in English and German (print in duplex & fold).

The concept for the "Global Week of Action 2009" will be very similar to the one for the international day of action. It is up to each group how they want to express their protest and for how many days within that week.
But it is important that we co-ordinate things together, for example to have the same slogan displayed during the week around the world by all the groups. And to also have an overview of where exactly protests are taking place. Therefore please get in touch with us, if "your" group/network decides to join activists around the world for the "Global Week of Action 2009".

So far groups in Bangladesh, the Philippines, France, Spain, Indonesia, Germany, Canada, the UK, Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, Egypt, Ghana, the U.S. of A., Haiti, Burundi, India, Puerto Rico, Chile, Colombia and Liberia confirmed their interest in the week of action.

For the latest list of supporters see below.

Things that need to be done now:

forward the Call for the Global Week of Action to other groups around the world!! (please let as many struggling groups [students, teachers, pupils, parents, workers,...] as possible know about this week of action; a group for the "Global Week of Action 2009"  was set-up on facebook [invite "friends" and members of other groups!]; this will only be successful, if we work on it together!!);
promote awareness regarding the global perspective of the problem among societies around the world;
expanding networks on a local and global level (you are welcome to make use of the forums on this site for that!).


• people willing to invest time and effort into this project;
• graphic designer for posters and flyers;
• people who know how to put together videos (e.g. mobilization video).

The latest list of supporters for the week of action can be accessed here.

Materials, such as posters and flyers, can be downloaded here.

A list of some of the groups and activists involved in the Global Week of Action around the world can be viewed here.

And hopefully an overview of the planned actions during the week of action around the world will be ready soon here.

A mobilization video can be viewed here.

For any enquiries or suggestions just drop a line at:[at]



Flyers, trifolds, Handbills

Looking for something I could hand out to groups I'm trying to organizing locally or a pdf I can attach to emails that will attempt to mobilize folks regionally/nationally in DC. I haven't seen one, so maybe I'm missing something. Organizing's going as well as it can in America; apathy and fear run rampant. But there are a few energized and dedicated folks working with us. IMF ... Tear it down ... World Bank ... Tear it Down.
Peas, Love and Rage,




keep it up the good work ... :)