List of Supporters for the "Global Week of Action"

Supporters of the "Reclaim your Education - Global Week of Action 2009" include:

  • The Anything Arts Collective; Canada

  • Vague Européenne, (European Wave, activists from France, Spain, Italy, Brasil and Greece), Paris; France

  • Comisión internacional Ciencias de la Información Faculty, Universidad Complutense Madrid; Spain

  • AUCA Student Rights Group, Bishkek; Kyrgyzistan

  • New Democratic Youth; Turkey

  • Association of Students from Turkey, (AST); Turkey

  • National Youth Parliament of the Gambia; Gambia
  • Club Conscience Estudiantine; Marocco

  • Yhteinen Yliopisto (students, researchers and employees at the University of Jyväskylä); Finland

  • Street University, Saint Petersburg; Russia


Just leave a comment below or send me a mail ([at], if you want to see your group listed here as well.

Another supporter

Please list our group, The New School in Exile, New York City, USA.

we´re missing something.

here was the logo of the bildungsstreik, they are supporters, too.
mo: who took the logo away, do you have entrance to the databank? who tried to play around here.


(edit: but, actually, maybe this next joke of funny "goddess coincidence" is not that bad, too. we can replace the old logo with the black and white one now, what do the others think?) - ok, the black and white one is on and mo has direct link to the black-and-white-version with the louvain-wave.

Another supporter

Here in Malaga we support too this initiative:

And like in Malaga I can say that there are assemblys and/or lock outs in every university of Spain, we meet us to coordinate us every 3 months.
And in the rest of Europe? What is the situation of the anti-bolonia movement?

New supporter

From Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, we support also this movement, but we can´t go to Lovaine. We will do Strikes on 28th of April, and we´ll try to do some actions, but we are so busy with the strike and is difficult for us!!
Pease, include us in the list!
Comision internacional de la Universidad autónoma de Madrid


We are a group of students occupying 5 University rooms in Leipzig, Germany right now. A delegation of us is hopefully going to Leuven next week and of course we see us as part of the global week of action. There are Workshops and its free for everyone to participate...

Can you put us on the list as well?!

Here our link (sorry just in german so far):

Thanks, see you soon!