Global Chat Meetings on the ISM

Global Chat Meetings
on the ISM platform

In average the Global Chat Meetings take place every 2 weeks.

To enter the chatroom simply click this link:
=> NO webcam or microphone needed - just enter the CAPTCHA!

Every chat meeting has an agenda proposal and will be announced inside the calendar (see left side of your screen) and on the ISM (global) mailing list. The agenda will be finalised at the beginning of each chat meeting. Each session takes about 3 hours.

The NEXT Global Chat Meeting will regularly be announced here:
!!! The next chat is scheduled for March 29th (Sunday) - 4pm UTC !!!

Of course everybody is free to initiate and announce chat meetings on certain topics as well. For example if you like to discuss certain theoretical aspects or a particular idea of yours, then you can make use of the ISM communication infrastructure (mailing lists, facebook groups/pages) and explain WHAT you want to chat about, WHERE the chat meeting will take place and WHEN the chat is scheduled to begin (remember the different time zones!).

Questions and suggestions on the chat meetings? Contact the ISM (global) admin collective: