Education is NOT for $A£€ - Global Week of Action '09 (Nov.)

The "Global Week of Action" (GWA) ended. It greatly contributed to increasing networking and communication between activists and groups worldwide.
"Peak" of the GWA marked Nov.17th; after the "
Warm-up Day of United Action" on Nov.5th. An overview of the protests on that day can be accessed here.

The week of action ended, but the struggle continues!
Inform yourself! - Get involved! - Get organized!


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What is the "International Student Movement"?

The "International Student Movement" is a platform used by groups and activists around the world struggling against the commercialisation and privatisation of public education to network and co-ordinate protests together.

The platform is independent from any political parties, unions or other institutions. It is dominated by grassroots movements and generally open to everyone [students, pupils, teachers, parents, workers,...]. The forces pushing for the commercialisation of education [unleashed by global competition] - just like the commercialisation of every other aspect of life - are located on the global level. To effectively counter this development groups struggling for free and emancipatory public education need to unite internationally and globally.

The "International Students Movement" makes use of the following tools:

  • regular international online chats [1-2 times a month; details are communicated via the mailing list]

"Education is NOT for $A£€ - Global Week of Action"

After the "International Day of Action against the Commercialisation of Education" [05/11/2008] and the "Reclaim your Education - Global Week of Action" [20 - 29/04/2009] activists from various countries agreed to call for another Global Week of Action later this year: Nov. 5th 2009 ["Warm-up" Day of united Action] + Nov.9th - 18th 2009.

Why this time frame? Last year on Nov.5th this platform called for the "International Day of Action against the Commercialisation of Education". To have some sort of continuation we agreed during an international chat, that Nov.5th should be the "Warm-up day of united action". Nov.17th marks the "International Students' Day". Groups on the Philippines are already planning protests against the commercialisation of education on that day.

An "info pamphlet" can be downloaded here. [print 2 pages on 1 + duplex!]
Please also consider to be added to the list of supporters for this Global Week of Action.

Materials, such as poster designs, can be accessed here and a list of announced actions worldwide here.

Follow the latest updates and news on twitter.

What is this struggle about?

Students, teachers, workers and parents around the world ask themselves: Is the public education system still serving the interests of the public, or is the focus shifting to implement education systems that primarily serve private and business interests? Tuition fees are – once introduced – sky-rocketing, universities and schools are turned into businesses, student debt keeps increasing and education budgets cut.
Institutions of higher education become highly dependant on their ability to attract sponsorships (usually from economic actors). Consequently only those institutions and departments are able to survive, that are deemed valuable by sponsors.

Public education systems, from kindergarten to university, must prioritize emancipating aspects, be free and accessible to all. A proper democracy only exists, if society consists of emancipated and self-determined individuals, that are able to critically reflect their (social) environment, developments and power structures. Any system, that doesn’t fulfill these criteria is not democratic.

The fact, that groups in more than 20 countries on 5 continents joined the international day of action in November and the Global Week of Action in April this year shows how international this struggle is.

It is up to each group how and for how many days they want to express their protest during the week of action. It can be a smaller or bigger action. But it is important that we co-ordinate this together.
Therefore please leave a message inside this forum or send a mail to:[at]

if you have any questions or decide to unite in protest against the commercialisation of public education with groups and activists around the world.

Let's get organized and unite in our struggle - worldwide!


We are protesting

in Nepal, working with student unions across nepal. will have more updates.

Appreciate collectivist culture in petition

Re: the petition:

It is stated in petition: "Public education empowers individuals to become emancipated and autonomous people, able to critically evaluate themselves and their environment, and thus be actively involved in a genuinely democratic society."

We cannot forget that in collectivist societies individual autonomy is not a value. This is a mainly European ideal. Dependence not independence is a value. I suggest:

"Public education empowers individuals and groups to become emancipated and self-determined people, able to work co-operatively and independently and thus be fully equipped to best understand and improve upon both."

"Public education enables individual and groups to critically evaluate themselves and their environment, and thus be actively involved in a genuinely democratic society."

John Loflin
Democrtic Education Consortium
Indianapolis, IN



Great movement !

Thanks for your movement of contestation !

Resistance, the young people are the power.

Changed the world, now !

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I am from Ukraine and our students movement is not jet coordinated with similar organisations from all over the world, but we really have much to fight against(( Education is not for sale, but somehow in real life this thesis doesn't prove to be true. When society is divided into rich and poor and belonging as a majority to the latter stratum  the only choice you have is to try your luck in getting education abroad where you may have at least some rights or become a hero of a film Working Man Death, you just can't remain indifferent and start protesting. I truly hope that someday our activities will reach another level and we will be heard. For now I'd like to thank you for the great inspiration we get while watching videos or reading the reports about your actions. Power to the students!